What Attorneys Are Saying About Legal PR Team

“Holly Cow!!!  I am stunned!!  I don’t know if you understand the personal impact of being on 101.5 for me but that radio station is the gold standard of NJ Radio in a state that I grew up and currently practice in!!   To be quoted on the evening drive-home on a Friday night during a show which was addressing the exact topic of what I was being quoted on during the half-hour news section and then to be referred to a “noted criminal defense attorney…” was truly amazing and surreal!!! To me, being on that radio station is better than being on any cable television station…although it is not nearly as great as being on ABC-NY News or HLN-CNN…!!!  That was really an honor.

I also want to express once again how very thankful I am of both you for your tireless work. For a long time, Lou would contact me and tell me what great guys you were and how hard you both work.  He also stressed how important an opportunity it would be for me to work with you.  I frankly listened but never thought it would (or could) ever come to pass.  Now I see that everything he said about you guys is correct.  I swear, I sometimes wonder if you have any other clients (although I know that you have plenty of them) or any other clients that you have any time to talk to. I find your work amazing and I am honored at what you’ve done for me.”

– Greg Gianforcaro, Criminal Defense Attorney

”I’ve been working with Ryan and Mark for about a year now and it’s been the best year of my life and my career.  Right from the start, I’ve gotten as much national media as I can handle. These guys have the contacts it takes to place you in the best media outlets. Having worked with other so-called legal PR firms, I can tell you, the quality and frequency of the work is unparalleled.  Ryan and Mark are also a pleasure to do business with. They are so cheerful and energetic it’s hard to be a grumpy, overworked lawyer with them on the other end of the phone. Signing on with them was the best decision I ever made.

Janet Johnson / Criminal defense lawyer, Jacksonville FL

“Mark and Ryan’s many years of experience position them perfectly to handle the intricacies ofpublic relations for legal professionals.  They’re passionate about what they do, they get results and most important of all, you can trust the quality of their interactions with the media on your behalf.”

Lenore Riegel, Esq., The Bloom Firm

“Mark and Ryan are professional, tireless and enthusiastic.  They are accessible at all hours – ‘m not sure they sleep!  There’s an amazing energy to working with them.  It’s like being on a road trip with two good friends – the destination is whatever goal you hired them to help you achieve.  While they both share many positive attributes, they each have a unique skill set that allows them to meet all of a client’s needs.  They are down to earth; they take their work on behalf of their clients seriously but they don’t take themselves too seriously.  I recommend them without hesitation!”

– Marc Harrold, Attorney & Author of  “White Noise: an ‘Acid Test’ for the First Amendment.”

“Simply put, Legal PR Team delivers. They know what legal stories the media will like, they knows how to pitch them, and they have the contacts to make things happen.”

– Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth Kelley

“Legal PR Team does a great job– They are always looking for good PR opportunities, is very responsive, and work day and night’

-Robin Bond, Former Prosecutor

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