Benefits Of Legal PR

To an Attorney attempting to raise their profile and that of the case they’re overseeing, there’s no better friend than Media Relations.

When an Attorney appears on radio or TV show as the legal expert on whatever current event(s) is topping the headlines, their credibility grows and millions of people learn who they are. It’s not uncommon for an Attorney to see a serge in web traffic and spikes in inquires following their interview. Many of our clients cite their press credentials on their website – often doing so in the first sentence “See on CNN’s “Nancy Grace” and Fox News, Criminal Defense Attorney……”

To an individual seeking legal counsel, media credentials are an effective way to captivate their attention and stand out from their competition. In our experience, people feel good knowing their attorney is called upon by the national media to share their expertise.

Another value of Media Relations to an Attorney is the launch of successful press conference. We’ve done several over the years and we’ve never surprised at how powerful they can be or the results they can yield. If an attorney’s client is facing a grave injustice or has a story that resonates with millions of people, the press may take up their fight (they love being crusaders of justice and their viewers / readers / listeners love ‘em for it). Intensive media coverage has the ability to shatter immovable objects and sway public opinion – tools every attorney should have in their arsenal.

Attorney’s who regularly appear on TV & Radio and attorneys who grow their Social Media base (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Followers) open the door to amazing possibilities between becoming a bestselling author, hosting a show themselves, and seeing a potential increase in business.

While there are many paths to success for an attorney, effective media relations campaign can make a huge difference in how fast they reach their ultimate goals.

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