Advice For Attorneys On Working With The Media

Vet Your PR Firm: Some PR agencies have great reputations with the media and others do not. The reputation of the agency you select to represent you will be a direct reflection how the media perceives you and whether or not they’ll be inclined to have you on their shows. The lesson here is to choose wisely. When searching for possible legal PR representation, we strongly suggest that you not only look at the consistency in which that agency places their clients in the media (ours are regularly updated on our website) but, also asking around to see if that firm’s clients are happy. A PR agency with strong press connections will give you best chance possible of reaching your full media potential.


Mark Goldman & Ryan McCormick are Co-Founders of Legal PR Team ( which specializes in TV, Radio & Newspaper placement for Attorneys, Private Investigators, Police, and Forensic Psychologists.

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