Jul 12

Casey Anthony Trial: PR Boom For Attorneys

The Casey Anthony trial was PR boom for sharp Attorney’s seeking to present their expertise to millions. Because of strong public interest in the trial, the media was constantly seeking those who could add any new insight into Casey’s fate and whether or not she’s be the case.

At Legal PR Team, we had a Casey Anthony Expert Bureau since day one that not only had strong attorney’s but, a forensic psychiatrist and Florida-based radio host. Our team had every possible angle to the story covered and as a result, our clients did over 15 National TV appearances and over 100 radio appearances talking on the cast alone!

For attorney’s seeking to raise their public profile, not only should they be well versed on the all the top court cases but, should also be PASSIONATE. At Legal PR Team, we’ve been blessed with attorney’s who have both and the latter ultimately keep them on a producer’s speed dial.

Florida attorney’s Lawrence Walters & David Seltzer believed Casey Anthony was going to be found not guilty since DAY ONE and they took a lot of heat from public and the media. Walters & Seltzer presented concrete, legal arguments and never wavered and when the verdict came down these two gentlemen were immediately called by the press.

Any time a huge national court trial like Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson breaks, it is a golden opportunity for legal professional to be seen and be heard. Legal PR Team is a means to make that happen.

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